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I just dug my web site hosting service out of mothballs. It has been sitting dormant but costing me monthly fees, with just a few loyal customers, for several years, so I decided to open it up to NEIS participants for huge discounts.
My aim is not to make a lot of money from it & for the money I am charging, that is certainly not likely to happen. I have my Travel business that I am working on for that, and that is coming together nicely! I am just offering this after sitting in a webinar today where the presenter among others said she operated without a web site for over half a year because of the costs involved, and the thought struck me… I can help! So why not help?
I’ll host a web site e.g. WordPress or CRM or anything legal moral and ethical, for NEIS people for just $3.00 a month and you can even pay monthly by PayPal and pull out at any time with no lock-in contracts

Log to for all the details.